So I thought that it might be a good idea to define a few things before things went any farther.

Toddler– young child, usually one between the ages of one and two and a half.

Circle Time– a time in which pre-school or primary school children sit in a circle and take turns to speak, usually with possession of a circulated object being the sign of whose turn it is.

Pre-school– of, pertaining to, or intended for a child between infancy and school age.

Gross motor– the ability to walk, stand, run and jump.

Fine motor– the ability to use ones hands to cut, hold and pick things up with fingers.

Play– exercise or activity for amusement or recreation…the way a young child learns.




Curve Ball

Sometimes in the world of education, we are thrown a curve ball. I was thrown just that….a curve ball. This blog will now be seen from outside of the classroom. It will be done as if I was the teacher. See though that I have student teaching still to do, it will help me in doing this blog. So I will run with what has been given to me. I will hand this all over to God and he will help me rise on eagles wings, I will overcome this curve ball and I will be strong.

rising and falling

rising and falling

Introduction of me and this blog

Hello to all,

This blog is going to be a look into my life as a toddler teacher. As many of us know having toddlers can be a handful, however, they are always ready and willing to learn. I have been a toddler teacher for nearly a year now, and I have a class size of 6. I do have a three-year old in with my twos, and I will have a few more in the next few months, but I’m willing to d what I need to help them. So to start, my name is Ms. Thomas. I have my TC in Early Childhood Education and come this May I will have my AAS in the same field. Teaching is my passion and I love to learn too. As a teacher that is one of my goals, I want my students to gain a love of learning. I want my students to be able to look back and remember that I was there in their lives, and that I (hopefully), made a good impact on their lives. I welcome comments and questions. So to those of you reading this, feel free to ask or comment. I plan on talking about the things I do with my students, such as calendar time, early reading/writing and other things.