Introduction of me and this blog

Hello to all,

This blog is going to be a look into my life as a toddler teacher. As many of us know having toddlers can be a handful, however, they are always ready and willing to learn. I have been a toddler teacher for nearly a year now, and I have a class size of 6. I do have a three-year old in with my twos, and I will have a few more in the next few months, but I’m willing to d what I need to help them. So to start, my name is Ms. Thomas. I have my TC in Early Childhood Education and come this May I will have my AAS in the same field. Teaching is my passion and I love to learn too. As a teacher that is one of my goals, I want my students to gain a love of learning. I want my students to be able to look back and remember that I was there in their lives, and that I (hopefully), made a good impact on their lives. I welcome comments and questions. So to those of you reading this, feel free to ask or comment. I plan on talking about the things I do with my students, such as calendar time, early reading/writing and other things.


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